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Q. Do you make all your own jewelry?

A. I do every step. 

Q. What is your approach to jewelry making?

A. I enjoy working with many types of materials; all have a value of art and needs worked to bring that out. My designs reflect my love of experimentation as I work with, polymer clay, precious metal clay, metalsmithing, lapidary, forging, enameling, etching, and wire work.

When it comes to making jewelry, I believe in, and strive for balance, “One of a Kind”, color harmony, first class workmanship, wear-ability, comfort, and longevity.

Q. How long will my jewelry last?

A. For jewelry made completely of metal (no string/thread wire), the piece should outlast the buyer!

Tips and Information on how to care for your jewelry:

1) Do not bend any metal components back and forth repeatedly; they will eventually crack.

2) A patina is the coloring on metal, achieved naturally or by the addition of chemicals. Metal changes color over time based on many factors, including how often and for how long it is exposed to the air (oxidation) and what it comes into contact with (body sweat, perfume, direct sunlight, chloride, etc). Sterling silver and Copper will oxidize and if you don’t want your metal pieces to become darker over time, keep them in an airtight bag when you’re not wearing them.

3) If you purchased a piece from me and it’s looking particularly dingy, you may send it to me for cleaning (there is no charge for this service).

4) Glass beads (lamp-work and crystals) and gemstones should hold up to normal wear and tear. Anything, however, can break if subjected to extreme force and occasionally extreme temperature changes. It’s best to keep jewelry clear of hair sprays, body lotions, chlorine and perfumes. The best way to store jewelry is in separate Ziploc-type bags.

Q. Do you accept returns?

A. Yes. I understand the predicament of buying jewelry online. Sizing might be unexpected, bead size might be unexpected, colors on monitors may differ, etc. I want my customers to see the piece in hand before they make a final decision. If you are not happy with your purchase, you will receive a full refund once the item is returned to me in the same condition in which it was sent.

Q. Do you gift wrap?

A. Each jewelry piece arrives in a gift box with an owner’s card. Upon request I can also mail jewelry to gift recipients, excluding an invoice and adding a note card from the buyer.

Q. Do you ship international?

A. Yes. But please familiarize yourself with your country’s import duties and/or tax fees as the buyer is responsible for these. I report the full purchase price on the customs form when I ship.

Q. What materials do you work with and which ones do you NOT work with?

A. It varies, but I definitely have my main components. Sterling silver, Pewter, Brass, Copper, Aluminum, SRA lamp-work beads, Swarovski crystal beads, gemstones, faceted gemstones, PMC, wood, shells, natural stones, beach glass and stones, are the main components I work with.

I won’t use mass-produced lamp-work glass beads because the majority of them are not annealed or cleaned, leading to more frequent incidents of chipping, cracking and breakage.

Q. "SRA lamp-work”, what is it?

A. “SRA” stands for self-representing artist. So when I say my pieces have SRA lamp-work, it means I purchased the lamp-work beads directly from the glass artist who created them. Additionally, I only work with glass artists who clean and properly anneal their beads.

Q. Do you take custom orders?

A. Yes. The price is determined by your order. Feel free to contact me for details.