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Darrel Clegg's custom handmade jewelry

All my work is created in either my studio in Canfield, Ohio or my house boat on Piedmont Lake. Among the beautiful setting of God’s nature I receive inspirations and freedom of thought for which I put into the craft of jewelry making.

I enjoy and admire the rare beauty of each stone and enhance them with silver, gold, copper and wood. I also use wire wrapping on many pieces, just enough to bring out the lines of identification and depth of the stone.

My lapidary work is in cutting, shaping, polishing a stone, then setting it in pendants of art which are handmade. I also us metalsmithing techniques by hammering, heating, then stamping, and also flame patina work among many of the techniques.

No one piece of jewelry is alike in any manner. When you purchase a rare beauty you have the bragging rights to a unique “One of a Kind” handcrafted wearable work of art.

My love of gemstones, and back yard stones, started as a young man.  I was always looking as I walked along trails as a Boy Scout and I could be found digging where ever I could dig and not get in trouble!

I have memberships in the East Ohio Lapidary Club, Ohio Jewelry & Metal Arts Guild, and Appalachian School of Art, as well as Donna Little Metal Studio classes, which provides camaraderie and learning from seasoned skilled artist, continual training, and classes in the field of Arts.

IDarrel Clegg enjoy the challenge in making you a special work of art from what you have requested into what I produce. It's important to me that I accomplish what I started out to do.

With sincerest thanks and appreciation,


Darrel Clegg of Darrel's Designs